Ability for Reconnecting Through New Techniques of Elucidation

Focus with Nina Haggerty Centre of Arts. Made possible by a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Elucidation: To make clear or plain, especially by explanation. To give an explanation that serves to clarify. This is a perfect word choice as it allows our individuals to explain their unique concept of art – their true interpretation of how they wish to express themselves.

This has been truly a wonderful experience, filled with laughter, self-discovery and inspiration, for all persons involved.

This project started with an itinerary that quickly faded, and a saga was borne out of it and still continues. There was no beginning, middle and an end to this project, instead it had a beginning and a continuation, an ongoing process of learning, adapting of materials, and an experience that captures you and enriches your worlds tenfold.

As the ARTE saga continued as participants or spectators we saw two sides unfold, the participants were able to build a network, of natural supports, and showcase a shared imagination of experiences. The second side was the experience of the spectators to view a new and unfolding world as the art was created by the participants, an inner glimpse of what we view on a day to day bases.